Game Rules

For those interested I have included a PDF of the Rules.

The rules were designed as part of the game deck. The intent from the start was to have everything in a single BIG deck of cards. I feel like it helps streamline the experience. Plus I am not a fan of pamphlets and fold out paper rules.

Rules FAQ

When I Pull a card how do I know what card to go to after that?
If the card does not give you any direction you go back to the previous card and proceed from there witht he next instructions (usually in red).

Do I shuffle the Action Cards between encounters?

Does my Ally’s Heath and Armor reset between encounters?

Are Status Effects still in effect after encounters?

When an Ally dies and another Ally comes into play can that character receive the death move status effect?
Yes. Treat them as if they were in play when the other Ally died.

When an Ally dies during the Allies turn does the replacement character get a turn immediately?
No, they cannot perform an action till after the enemy’s turn.

When an enemy spawns does it immediately get a turn.
No, unless stated otherwise (Mega Glob is an example of one that attacks as soon as it’s spawned). A spawned enemy cannot perform and actions till the following turn.

When Bubble is triggered how does that work?
When Bubble is triggered place 3 cubes on the Ally you want to receive it regardless of the armor threshold. During enemies turn, this round that Ally has 3 additional armor points. As soon as the enemies turn is over any of those 3 armor points remaining are removed.

Can enemies spawn more than once?
No, an enemy can only spawn once in the current game. If they die there is no coming back.

Can I split up damage on enemies?
No, damage cannot be split up.

Can I split up Recoup, Rest or Kickbacks?
No, you cannot split them up. BUT, you can choose to give the full amount to another Ally.

Can Resting fail?
Yes, if the Ally resting rolls a 1 Rest fails. The Rest Meter is then reset.

If I roll an 8 and my Rest Meter is full how many Hit Points do I get?
You would get 3 for the Recoup Roll and 3 for Resting- a total of 6. You then have to clear the Rest Meter.

Can Rest be used for the secondary Recoup rolls, such as Cleanse, Rebuild and Chant?
No, Rest can only be used to Heal.

Can an Ally commit suicide?
Yes! There may be times you want to do an action that costs 4 HP and you only have 4 HP. Take one for the team!

What really happens if I peek at cards that didn’t come into play during a session?
I would highly recommend not finding out.

Why are all the cards so messy and splattered?
The cards bleed. I kept cleaning them up but after a while I just said screw it.