Before & After

Concept art for movies fascinate me and I love to see how things evolve. Now, I didn’t have the luxury of a ton of concept art. We had to do everything more or less in one shot.

I thought it would be fun to show how we worked out the cards. I would send very rough sketches outlining what I was looking for, and Ben would take that, do his thing and send me glorious interpretations. Our system got refined along the way and we nailed down almost everything in 1 pass (with minor revisions).

It was incredibly rewarding to see ideas I have swimming around in my head come to life. I am crossing my fingers that everyone enjoys it as much as we had creating it. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to dip back into this world again soon.

I wanted to show a bunch of before and afters, but I feel like it’s a bit spoilery. Unearthing cards is a lot of the fun. I will show this one…give you a taste.

The first one is my crappy rendition- then the final product that Benjamin Weismann completed.

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