Post Meet Up News

It was a blast to get out there and play the game with a great group of people! Thanks to Hop Merchants for hosting!

I am touched that everyone got into it and dug in. I never planned the game to be a group activity you could play in that setting. But it worked out!

I am going to try and muster up the courage to do another meet up, more formally. Use the meetup app and get something going here in the South Bay (CA). I have approached the guys at Game Hub in Manhattan Beach. I need to follow up and see if they are still willing to help me out.

Kickstarter Date

I am still very timid about giving an actual launch date. Sorry if you are growing impatient. It always boils down to the same thing, my email list, and the audience base. I need to hit my goal numbers to pull the trigger. I know I sound like a broken record, but if I want this to have a chance I have to wait till that right moment.

Stay with me. I will launch this.

Little Things

I am filling in the final spots on the Kickstarter Page. Shipping is that last section I have been dreading and I have that sorted out now. In case you were dying to know it looks like US shipping is estimated at $8, Canada $16, and the rest of the world $23. NOT set in stone. But I am happy with what I have as an estimate. The game is 2 whopping pounds of GIANT cards!