Leofrick chops it Up!

I am trying to get the art for the first wave of playable characters nailed down. Five down and one to go! (minus the bonus character…more on him, or her…later).

Here is Leofrick. I had more input on this guy than past characters…I had a very specific idea in my head, and I smashed some stuff together as a reference. He’s a Viking lumberjack. I wanted the body shape and shoulders like Kingpin-Spiderman, a huge anime size lumberjack axe and a jackalope on his shoulder. I like to include odd elements you don’t normally see, so I also put a saint bernard ale barrel on him. I love this idea. I am very happy with how he turned out. I love him.

Check out my horribly crude mock up and the wonderful stuff Benjamin Wiesemann came back with. So freaking awesome!

Until next time!