Card 4

Chapter 2 is done minus 3 illustrations. I most likely won’t do anything further with that until the interest in the project has increased a bit more. But Chapter 2 is in a good place and I could put in a few temp images as placeholders.

The budget for the game has finally settled into a place that makes sense. I could get away with 500 or more and still have the cost reasonable I think… Again, its all about the level of interest.

Currently, I have a problem with the production file. I didn’t estimate the bleeds correctly on the cards and I have to redo the entire thing. It is a huge time waster…and not a lot of fun. I am 50% done with that. I want to have it done by April 8th.

Here’s hoping I can get it off to the printers soon. I have a few reviewers that have requested it. If you are a reviewer and want to get your hands on the real-life game demo that you can touch….please let me know!