A Choose Your Own Adventure Card Game of High Stakes and Horror

A Choose Your Own Adventure Card Game

Spire’s End is a card game that harkens back to the Choose your own Adventures of the ’80s with enemy encounters, interactive story-driven scenarios, and high-end art & design. On Kickstarter late 2019.


The Game

It’s a unique gaming experience without a lot of baggage. Simple set up, intuitive rules and minimal components. No DM, no bookkeeping. Just you, a deck of cards and some dice and cube markers.

It’s the grisly tale of a strange tower that emerges in the heart of a bustling Viking city. The townsfolk have vanished. It’s up to you to mount a rescue and unravel the mystery at any cost.

You move through the game like a book. But in this case, it’s a stack of ominous cards instead. Flip them over, make difficult choices and let the story unfold.


You have 6 adventurers (6 chances) to face the countless dangers of the spire. To perform actions & attacks it will cost characters hit points. Every action is a risk. To execute stronger attacks you will need to spend more. This makes for tense, close, ruthless battles. Higher risk garners greater rewards, but at a higher cost. Choose your actions carefully! I will post more on the mechanics of combat in it’s own section further down the road.

Enemy Encounters

There are 7 main encounters in the game, all of them have different hooks and mechanics to make them interesting. Some have story branches that trigger in the midst of battle. Here is the card art for 6 encounters you may face! There is a simple AI driven combat system dictated by an “action cards deck” that determines the attacks.

Look out for trash!

What would an adventure be without pesky trash mobs getting in the way of your success? You can’t head out on your first quest without clearing rats out of a cellar, right?  There’s gotta be other annoyances that get in your way. Here are some of the little guys hidden about.

The Components

My goal was to make this game with as few components as possible without taking away from the gaming experience. It’s a clean minimalistic approach to an in-depth and engrossing adventure.

The focus has always been the story deck. The heart of the game. It represents the spire, and each card is a layer you uncover during your descent.

From the very start I wanted ENORMOUS playing cards. These are custom 6.5 x 3.5 inch cards. They are about the same size as an iPhone X and they’re glorious. Here’s what’s in the box.

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